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IFT 18 at Chicago in July. 16~18

Author:fredabio     Date:2018-07-09

We will attend IFT18  at Chicago in July. 16~18 2018

Booth No. S2069b

Welcome to visit our booth

About us

Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biotechnology enterprise co-founded by Shandong Freda Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, Shandong Business Group, and Shandong High-tech Investment Co., Ltd. The company's registered capital is RMB 71.4 million. It focuses mainly on the R & D, manufacture and sales of green food additives ,cosmetics as well as crude drug products, such as biological polysaccharides, preservatives, and macromolecule polymers.Currently the main products are Natamycin, Nisin, Pullulan & Poly Glutamic Acid 

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